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Bueno Coffee Substitute

Bueno Coffee Substitute is prooven to be the best coffee alternative for people who do not drink coffee but would like a good hot drink.  It is also recommended for those who would like to stop drinking coffee, or who for medical reasons, need to abstain from caffeine and other harmful effects of coffee.  Unlike many coffee substitutes, Bueno Coffee Substitute is prepared by brewing in a drip coffee maker or a percolator.  It contains minerals such as zinc, copper, phosphorous, and iron.  Since it is 100% naturally caffeine free, both adults and children can enjoy it any time of day.  There are three flavors available.  Bueno Coffee Substitute is made from Garbanzo beans and natural flavoring.  It is sold already roasted and ground ready to brew. 

Flavors:              Original,    Pecan Praline,   Creamy Hazelnut

Packaging:          Foil coffee bag - 7 ounce

Case of 12 - 7 ounce packages (you can order a mixed case)

 Foil coffee bag - 3 pounds

Case of 4 - 3 pound packages (you can order a mixed case)

Shelf life:            2 years

BuenoStorage:              Keep in a cool, dry place

Number of  

servings:             7 ounce bag:    40 – 50 cups

3 pound bag   375 - 395 cups


instruction:          In a drip coffee maker, place 4 level tablespoon of Bueno Coffee Substitute in filter,

 add 12 cups of cool tap water in reservoir.  Turn on the power switch to brew.  Enjoy.

 Adjust proportion according to taste.   Other Brewing Devices

Ingredients:         Roasted, ground, garbanzo beans (flavored Bueno contains all natural flavoring)   


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Bueno Coffee - The perfect alternative!

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